Institute of Fashion & Jewellery Design
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  About IFJD  
IFJD is not only an institute but a dream. It was a seed sown which was foreseen as a beautiful shelter which has now become a fully – fledged tree. However the branches of the tree are still spreading and trying to provide the shade to as many students willing to come under it. It is a wish full filling tree which provides a person with education , money , social status , parental love , strength and motivation. IFJD is a platform for those innumerable people who dare to dream and have the courage to undergo hardships and make a name for themselves. Innumerable students of IFJD have made their mark and are doing wonders in the field of Fashion and Jewellery. There artistic work and the technical knowledge they consume from IFJD is appreciated by the masters in this field. IFJD has developed responsibilities to offer variant carriers in fashion and jewelry designing for males and females. It employs creativity , team work and innovation.

Owner – IFJD & Managing Director RB Food Products (Oreva)

Like a tree cannot stand still without having its without having its roots intact. Like a body cannot function without its soul in the similar manner IFJD cannot function without the immense support of Mr Nathwani. He’s an extremely hardworking , far-sighted and a committed individual. He’s a self – starter with high energy enabling maximum and efficient work even under pressure. With his superior interpersonal and communication skills he fosters meaningful relationships with students, staff and parents. With his excellent leadership qualities and expertise Mr. Nathwani has given the world the results to see.

Fashion personified

Bosky Nathwani founder of IfJD has now become a huge household name in Rajkot, Gujarat. She’s an inspiration to innumerable teenage girls who aspire to be like her. Professionally trained in Fashion and Jewellery she sets and example for today’s women. Her institute not only trains in fashion but also gives them an excellent platform to exhibit their talent through an annual fashion show carried out every year. Being in the industry for a very long time now Mrs. Nathwani has marked a niche for herself. She’s a dedicated, resourceful and goal- driven Fashion and Jewellery educator with a solid commitment to the social. She’s indeed a woman of today’s generation and encourages others to be the same.
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